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River Water Treatment Plant

We are leading manufacturer and supplier of River Water Treatment Plant in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. River water treatment is the way toward expelling contaminants from streaming or stale river water, which incorporates Physio-substance treatment of water with the blend of customary and advance treatment process like coagulation, flocculation, explanation, settling, filtration and sterilization of channel water to deliver an ecologically sheltered and unadulterated water reasonable for drinking and various uses in residential, organization and modern application.

There were some chemical used to clean water, such as Algicide, Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Muriatic Acid, Soda ash or Sodium Bicarbonate. We are providing the best quality products at the best price in the market. Rivers are the most significant freshwater asset. Social, monetary and political advancement has, in the past, been to a great extent identified with the accessibility and circulation of fresh waters contained in riverine systems.

river water treatment plant

This purified river water can be used in many places like Sources of drinking water supply, Aesthetic value, Irrigation of agricultural lands, Fishing, Boating, and Body-contact recreation, Industrial and metropolitan water supplies, Navigation, Industrial and municipal waste removal and some other places.

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