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Mixed Bed Unit

We are among the prime manufacturers and suppliers of Mixed Bed Unit. The mixed Bed Unit is designed to produce high purity treated water required by the power plant, electronic industries, pharmaceuticals etc. A mixed Bed Unit is an ion-exchange method used where superior water quality is needed. They are typically the last treatment step in the water treatment process. They are normally located downstream of either individual two-bed working ion exchange units or reverse osmosis systems, further treating the effluent of these demineralizes. For low Total Dissolved Solids waters, they can be used as standalone ion exchange units. In this application, they are often referred to as “Working Mixed Beds”. In condensate polishing applications, you can use Mixed Bed Ion Exchange to remove condensate contamination before reuse.

Mixed Beds are ion exchangers that have both Cation and Anion resins, mixed in a single vessel. The resin bed is in both H-OH forms. These units are normally designed so that they can be automatically operated, with all the necessary internals, instruments, components and controls. A mixed bed unit delivers excellent treated water quality, but is complex to regenerate, as the resins must first be separated by backwashing before regeneration. Additionally, they require large amounts of chemicals, and the hydraulic conditions for regeneration are not optimal. Therefore, mixed beds are usually only used to treating pre-demineralized water, when the service run is long


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