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Commercial Water Treatment Plant

The hard water contains a considerable amount of the dissolved metallic element, calcium, magnesium that develops scale in the system and thereby the water used in the industries need to be clear in order to prevent the scale formation, damage and contamination of the product and that is possible by means of our top of the line commercial water treatment plant. This commercial water treatment plant design is based on the reverse osmosis technology; wherein reverse an osmosis membrane is utilized to eliminate all the contaminants that increases the water hardness. The process executes in the multiple stages to thoroughly purify the water and ensure scale free surroundings spanning the life expectancy.

Product Name Commercial Water Treatment Plant
Business Type Manufacturer, Supplier
Manufacturing Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Availability All Over India
Available options Standard / customized
Material of Construction 304/316 Stainless Steel
Commercial Water Treatment Plant Manufacturer, Supplier

The offered commercial water treatment plant is made from the supreme quality stainless steel material that makes it robust and anticorrosive, which promises for the seamless water purification experience spanning the lifetime. The plants also meet the local as well as international quality standards that perform continuous water purification operations at lower power consumption is what making it the favored alternative in the market. The purification of the water occurs as per the principle of osmosis, wherein the pressure is applied to pass the water through the membrane and thusly isolate impurities (dissolved metals, arsenic, nitrates, radium, chlorine, cryptosporidium) from water.

It is a multistage operation that is executed fully automatically through the equipped PLC control system that eliminates the huge manned requirement to maintain the plant, whereas the simple configuration of the same entitles smoother and faster operation of the plant. As this plant is designed for the commercial purpose, large capacity tanks are fitted to achieve the high amount of water purification at once. This water purification plant has set distinctive position in food and beverage, refining oil & gas, mining, consumer goods and power generation. We keep standard size commercial water purification plant in ready to ship condition and custom made range is available upon the customer request.

Attributes that you can bag by investing in our Commercial Water treatment plant:

  • Capable to purify large amount of water at once
  • The well balanced engineering ensures seamless operations
  • The automatic controlling screen entitles faster processing
  • Converts hard water into soft water in a prompt manner
  • Eliminate all the impurities that cause scaling in the system
  • Prevent jamming of the processes
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