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Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

The determination behind the introduction of the Effluent treatment plant (ETP) is to empower the industries and authorities to purify the industrial waste water for its reuse or safe disposal to the nature. Our effluent treatment plant is designed to perform the purification of the water in mainly preliminary, primary, secondary and tertiary levels and eliminates all the unwanted sediments and sludge from the water and gives you the truly clean water that can be reused in the varied application or can be released in the natural reservoirs. The purification is carried out through screening, sedimentation and clarification methods that eliminate all the dirtiness like solids, oil, grease, chemicals, metal, colorant, bacteria, resins, and analogous matters that have water deterioration property.

The water obtained by our Effluent treatment plant meets the EPA regulation and thereby is suitable for the reuse as well as discharge in the environment, thanks to our quality controlled manufacturing practices and severe quality checks at the every phase of manufacturing enabling us to convey high standards in the respective. Besides, the first quality stainless steel material of construction imparts the strength to defeat corrosion, erosion and perform for long years without failing and for a reason our Effluent treatment plant has become the first preference of the industries.

The PLC control based operating makes the water purifying faster and easier for the end user, whereas the well balanced engineering helps achieving the truly clear water at the lowest power consumption. This range of the Effluent treatment plant is available in the standard size as well as tailored specifications to give you the best benefit of the investment.

The quality certification and operating manual comes with every order to deliver the impeccable experience of the effluent treatment plant during the operation and deliver the highest level of contentment to the end user.

  • The SS material imparts excellent strength and robustness to the plant
  • Purifies high amount of water at lower power utilization
  • The water obtained through our plant meets environmental regulation
  • The water can be reused or discharged into the natural reservoirs
  • The PLC controls integrated with the system, increase the efficiency
  • Ensures continuous and impeccable water purification processes
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